Wharfage Increase - Houston

4 December. 2007 | Freight Rates & Surcharges

The Port of Houston Authority has announced an increase in wharfage charges applicable as from 1 January 2008.

As per 1 January 2008 the wharfage will increase as per announcement received from the Port of Houston authority. The full details can be found in Port of Houston tariff 8 however below is the new rates for main commodity groups;


1. General Cargo: USD 2.85/S

2. RoRo cargo: USD 5.54/ST

3. knock down RoRo (parts): USD 4.02/ST



Please also note that Nordana B/L fee will increase to $50.00/BL effective 1/1/08. This is applicable for cargoes loading from U.S. Ports.